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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Love College

Monday was my first day of my sophomore year of college and it feels just like high school. 

No, seriously.

It's like walking into school and having stereotype emblazoned on their shirts.

Every sorority girl (me included) is wearing her Bid Day t-shirt. Every frat boy is wearing a “Rush (letters here)” t-shirt. Everyone else either wearing a Mizzou shirt or one from his or her hometown. The first few days of school are like voluntary segregation. You walk to class with people of the same shirt style, you study with them, you eat with them, and you walk to Chapter together. Everybody moves in a massive group of sameness. And we are okay with it. It is wonderful to easily identify sisters in you giant lecture classes. It’s always nice to see a friendly face on the sidewalk. But we are everywhere. You can’t escape us.

Day 2 is better though. 

I choose to rock the same outfit that nearly every sorority girl wears: Nike running shorts and over-sized t-shirt.  It is the most comfortable outfit and I’m not sure why it’s only sorority girls who choose to wear this. We blend into the general population better today than yesterday, but we are still easy to spot, as we tend to move in packs.
It’s funny to watch freshman during their first week of school. I see girls walking around holding maps with highlighted routes to class, just like I did.

Something that isn’t so cute or funny is some of the frat boys who walk around in their Ed Hardy shirts, gelled hair and stud earrings. These guys also move in packs. They also move at a very slow rate of speed and take up the entire sidewalk, blocking traffic in both directions just because they feel entitled to.  I don’t know why they dress like this. They look stupid and they have stupid conversations. While stuck behind a herd of them this morning, I was lucky enough to hear one on their delightful conversations:

         Big stud earrings – “Dude, that party was awesome.”

         Blue shirt, gelled hair – “Yeah Dude. Remember that blonde chick with the huge tits? She was so WASTED!”

         Big stud earrings – “Yeah she was! She hooked up with everyone. What a slut.”

            Blue shirt, gelled hair – “I hooked up with her. She’s a slut. SCORE!!!”

         Big stud earrings – “ Awesome dude!”

High-fives were exchanged and I sidestepped around them so I could escape their asinine discussion and get to the geology building in a timely manner for my news writing class.
Here’s a fun fact about Mizzou: the geology building is not the one that says “Geology” on the front. It is, in fact, all the way across the quad, across the round-a-bout from the J-School. To make it in time, I nearly sprinted and got a prime seat in the very middle of the third row.

I am so excited about this class. I already have the optional grammar seminars penciled into both of my schedules. There’s also an optional lecture regarding the AP Style. I plan on going to all of these because I feel that my usage of grammar and AP Style happen to be mildly atrocious. I foresee this class being an awesome way to pull me out of my non-reporting rut. I’m also counting on this class to give me some opportunities to update my portfolio with clips that did not come from a high school newspaper.

Another class I am so excited for is my Brit Lit class. On syllabus day, our teacher started throwing out quotes from Shakespearean sonnets and asked students to identify the author, title and historical relevance of the quotes.

Of course, I was sitting in the front row and my hand went up like a shot and got to explain why Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 is so awesome. My classmates stared at me like I was crazy.  I’m not crazy, just enthusiastic about literature.

After class, I went over to a friend’s apartment and studied Anglo-Saxon literature and an essay regarding the historical significance of Beowulf while tanning poolside and enjoying some of Michelle’s momma’s incredible salsa.

It is safe to say that I love college.

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