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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life and the Case of the Drafty Dorm Room

     In life, so I've been told, doors open and close.

     Sometimes doors open when a new opportunity arises and they close once that window has past.

     But in our case, our door keeps opening and closing either as a result of our dorm being really drafty or that  it's haunted.

     And, apparently, a girl did kill herself in our building once, so it might really be haunted. But I think I'll wait another month before I research that further.

     But it is a little surreal when you can see the metaphorical doors opening and closing in your life.
     Closed door: Stat teacher doesn't speak English.

     Open door: Free stat tutoring.

     Open door: Skit try-outs extended.

     Closed door: Going over to Theta and contemplating whether or not to tryout until you realize that it's 9 and try-outs were over at 8:30.

     Open door: I'm the group leader for my J2000 final project and we get to design a PR campaign, which is something I've never done before.

     To be completely honest, I am both terrified and thrilled to be doing something new for a final project which is worth a big chunk of my grade in that class. Although it would be easy to just pitch a story or do a photo essay, I really think this is going to be a great opportunity to learn how to do something new. And maybe somebody in my group will realize that Strat Comm is their life's calling while working on the project. The possibilities are endless and I would love to hear some feedback from my group members either via e-mail or the Facebook group I created for our project. That would be a hint to go do that now if you are reading my blog instead telling me what you think of our topic ; )

     I also found a new and exciting opportunity on a flyer I saw while walking to class last week and now I'm going to be helping out at Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center for the next eight weeks. Not only to get some quality barn time in (I walked into the barn and it smelled like heaven: leather, saddle soap, grass hay and horse), but I also get a chance to help people do something that I love: riding horses. The program has been around for 22 years and they have never turned down a client. And now I get to help out. I couldn't be more excited to be a part of it.

    Doors are opening all around us this fall, and I've really got to figure that door to our dorm.




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