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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Big Dreams and Babies

This has been the craziest week of my year thus far.

Three tests, three quizzes, two discussion board posts, making stuff for my Theta Baby, Initiation, and I submitted my J4802 petition.

All I want to do is sleep. And I will be lame and do that shortly.

Today was Revelation, and although I was positive that my pledge daughter knew that it was me, I was still in a nervous frenzy.

What if she didn’t want me? What if she hated all my clues and presents during the week? Will she like the letters, picture frame, bulletin board, pin box, candle, and cookies I made for her?

About a half hour before I left to go to Revelation, I decided that even if she didn’t want me to be her mom, we would be wearing matching t-shirts and I made her chocolate chip cookies.

So, there.

But after running out the front door of Theta and “revealing myself,” she didn’t run away screaming, so I’m calling that a success.

My pledge baby is from KC and this summer, she came out west to go bungee jumping in southern Washington. So cool!

In other news: Earlier this week, I submitted my petition for admission to the convergence journalism program at Mizzou and I'm slightly terrified that I won't be accepted.

It's not that I lack journalistic experience.

I mean let's be honest: I got my first gig when I was 12, my first national byline at 15 and I haven't stopped writing since. I've wanted to be a reporter since I was 10. And now here I am in the pre-journalism program at our nation’s top journalism institute. I've pressed the "send" button on that little application, which will be reviewed and will reveal the future of my journalistic career.

I feel that my terror is justified.

I'm sure that it's hard to understand if you aren't in my position or know the background info on why I want to be a convergence journalist so badly.

As I am positive that you all know, the newspaper industry is dying a slow death that is painful for all those who revere the news to watch. It's like watching a catastrophe happen in slow motion and realizing that there isn't anything you can do about it.

But I can change it.

And it is that knowledge that inspires me.

Convergence journalism adds a completely new aspect to the news industry. We can keep the world updated with news in all mediums and we can supplement print content. All we need to do is come up with economic model that can efficiently support this and we can save our industry!

All right, so there’s a lot more to do than that one thing. But I want to figure it out. I want to do good, cutting-edge journalism. And majoring in convergence is how I plan to accomplish that.

I should find out if I get in to the program in a few weeks. Keep my petition in your prayers!


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