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Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello, Sunshine.

I am in desperate need of some sunshine.

And not in a metaphorical sense.

I need nice, warm cancer-causing sunshine.

Although I do love the winter months, I am ready for a change. The time has come for me to shed ski jackets, jeans and Uggs in lieu of sundresses, stilettos and sunglasses.

In the winter months, your wardrobe basically stays the same: skinny jeans, Uggs and a ski jacket. There are only so many times that you can wear this outfit without getting sick of it. And it turns out that Uggs really aren’t the best shoes for the snow anyway.

Let me explain:

So last night was Valentine’s Day. Actually all of yesterday was. But my story is from last night.

Anyway, my date and I went out The Cliffs off Rock Quarry in Columbia. It was super snowy and beautiful.

I mean how can you top a night hike through the woods in the snow?

You can’t really.

But you can make it incredibly awkward for everybody involved and wish that you could just roll off a cliff because you are so embarrassed.

Which, of course, is exactly what I did.

So I was walking up the hill to the look out point and I lost my balance and slid down the hill. By the time my date turned around, I was at the bottom – covered in snow. I wanted to disappear. And forget about the whole thing. But that is hard to do when you are on a date with a cute guy that you’d really like to have think that you’re cool.

I blamed the slippage incident on the Uggs and then I realized that I was lying – partially. I then had to explain to my date that I am an absolute klutz. I walk on my toes, I trip over my feet, I’m insanely uncoordinated and I apparently slide down hillsides.

But I firmly believe that the sunshine will help me with my klutziness issues. You see, the sun will melt the snow. And then I won’t have to wear Uggs. And I won’t be able to slide down hillsides and get covered in snow.

And the sunshine will give me an excuse to wear stilettos, sundresses and giant sunglasses.

So until the sun comes out again, I’m just going to hide in Theta until it is safe to go outside again, sans Uggs.


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