Sophomoronic Musings

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sophomoric Lessons

For this week’s blog, I thought that I would share with you some of the incredibly insightful and useful (ish) things I have discovered thus far in the semester:

• Wool sweater + windbreaker = winter jacket

• Black leggings + Uggs + over sized v-neck t-shirt = absolute most comfortable outfit one could possibly wear. The only downside to this outfit is that only sorority girls wear this and we get nasty judging glares from non-Greeks while wearing this outfit. The wonderfully comfortableness of this outfit makes it easy to ignore the glares.

• Once you tease your hair, you will never go out in public without it poofed ever again. Expect to add 10 minutes to your morning routine.

• It is necessary to consume caffeine at several points during the day. I recommend started out the day with a cup (or two) of black coffee, having a latte with lunch (or as an afternoon snack) and then having a diet coke with dinner. This will ensure your ability to wake up at 7 a.m. and continue studying and functioning until 1 a.m.

• Do not try to go two days with out caffeine, as it will only result in severe headaches and shakiness.

• Downy Wrinkle Release + Febreeze = not having to do laundry every week.

• An increase in the amount of homework you’ve been assigned over the weekend is proportionate to the increase in one’s desire to go for a run or blog.

• Sunday is the greatest day of the week for news. It should be celebrated with Meet the Press in the morning, Time in the afternoon and 60 Minutes in the evening. should be checked regularly throughout the day.

• Naps are absolutely necessary for survival.


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