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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Glee for all!

So there is this show on Fox and I love it.

I've never watched Fox before. Mostly because it's run by News Corp. and I'm not a big fan of that.

But I watch this one.

Every week.

Except for this week.

Because somebody decided to schedule baseball instead of Glee.

It's not that I don't like baseball. I can stomach watching the Cardinals on TV for 15 minutes. I'm basically a big fan.

But back to Glee - This show is wonderful. Besides the breaking out in to perfectly choreographed song and dance numbers, the characters could have been plucked right out of Mountain View circa fall 2007. And I can't stop laughing every time I watch the show. I just love it!

Let's start with Sue - she's the overbearing cheerleading coach who has more control over the school than actual principal. She's all about the favoritism and doesn't care about anything except for winning. I also bet that she a lot more money to her program than what should be allotted to other programs.

Mr. Shuester is the great teacher who has the students best interests in mind. His plan and commitment to revamp the glee club is a catalyst that sets the school afire.

And then there is the actual club: every clique is represented and they get along for the most part.

I'd be lying to you if I said that I didn't identify with Rachel. But that's the point of her character - every girl who has gone through high school has been just like her. You don't really fit in, you get ridiculed for your favorite activities, no body really understands you and the guy you like doesn't know that you exist. Oh high school angst, how I miss thee. Or not. If only she were freckly and semi-ginger.

I was the girl who wanted to be Quin - the prettiest and most popular girl at school. Except the part about being a mole and getting knocked up by her boyfriend.

And then there is the boy - Finn. He's that super-jock who is smart and is the best at everything and is incredibly attractive who doesn't know that you exist. And he probably won't ever realize that you exist. Even in college. But maybe he will after college. My fingers are crossed.

So that is my little plug for Glee - my new favorite show that is on my least favorite tv station. It's such a conundrum to watch, but I love it so so so much that I'm not going to stop. And you should watch it too. But on Hulu. That way you don't support Fox.

And someday I may regret writing that. Hopefully I don't.


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