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Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's all in the pitch

I’ve been thinking about pitching lately and I don’t think it’s entirely because the MLB’s opening day was earlier this week and the Cards practically killed Cinci in their series.

Lately, my life has been about pitching. Not baseballs, but pitching myself and my ideas.

You see, while I was home on Spring Break I spent my time applying for tons of jobs and internships. And before I left, I pitched story ideas for my final project in my convergence journalism class.

The pitching of myself went pretty well. It looks like I’ll be interning at The Source Weekly back in Bend this summer. Still working on that job thing though. So if you know of anybody hiring back in Bend this summer, please feel free to let me know J

The story ideas though didn’t go well, though. Our first round of pitches went well until we were informed that we wouldn’t have anything to film for the project. And as it turns out, you need to film things and take still pictures to make something count as “multimedia.” So we came up with 10 more ideas and submitted them earlier this week. We submitted two more pitches last night. Luckily, one of them was picked by our lab instructor to be the focus of our project. We are now two weeks behind in our reporting and our storyboard is due in a week.

I would like to say that I am not freaking out. I am calm, cool and collected about this. And definitely NOT freaking out.

We just have a whole lot of reporting to do next week. But that’s what I love about journalism – the reporting. I love finding the story and then seeing it into print. Or in our case for this project, seeing it posted online.

So now that I’ve updated my blog for the first time in nearly a month, it’s time to do some more research on how the different ways that public schools and faith-based schools teach science in Columbia, Mo. And practice some more pitching for the next round of job applications.


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